Valor Group LLC

Consumer Electronics Distributors

Industry Leading Consumer Electronics Provider

Our Mission

At Valor Group LLC, we believe that a solid foundation enables future success. We are never complacent and are always striving to outpace the changing markets, utilizing every opportunity for growth.

Experienced Team

Our sales division sells to customers all around the world, with inventory constantly moving in and out of our multiple warehouses.

Competitive Pricing

Our buyers are constantly looking for new lines to purchase, offering our customers the hottest products at the best prices.

Global Distribution

At the present time, we are growing our distribution network in multiple countries, with the aim to establish affiliates that will buy and sell throughout the globe.

Valor Group’s view towards the future and an emphasis on continual growth has led to constant diversification into new areas of business.

Fast and Efficient Workforce

Valor Group LLC performs at a fast paces along with an attention to detail that has led to a dedicated and productive workforce ranging from experienced salespeople providing service in half a dozen languages to an in-house returns/repairs department facilitating our expansion into the B-Stock/used goods market.

Technology is our Tool

Our in-house programming and IT departments have implemented custom integrations that allow us to be technologically competitive, while our established manufacturing and distribution capabilities has enabled us to produce our own branded products,  allowing us to be competitive in the pricing markets as well.  We are currently increasing our manufacturing capacity to include other product lines and categories with the goal to produce and sell an array of branded merchandise at competitive prices.

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